All kinds of disgraceful going on

Just last week I went to a house party somewhere in North London. It was all part of some birthday celebrations which turned into a very long weekend indeed. On arrival at said party the door was answered by somebody who invited me in and slyly revealed that there was ‘all kinds of disgraceful going on’. I’ve tried to capture the chap from memory but this is the best I could do. He did look a little bit shifty. I did say it was partway through a long weekend so you can hardly expect my recall to be perfect. Anyway, after a quick perusal in a couple of the rooms I could only agree with him so settled myself in the kitchen with a bottle of vodka for the long haul. I was lucky to make it out of there alive…

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Title: All kinds of disgraceful going on
Materials: Paint pen, acrylic, and charcoal
Size: A5

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