Disguise our bondage as we will

It is said that we are all in bondage to something or someone but this lady is taking it a little too literally. After she heard this she decided to drop all pretences and jump straight in to the somewhat murky work of BDSM. Only yesterday she was a god fearing, holier-than-thou, primary school teacher and now look at her. Oh my! How things can change!!

There are three reasons why i really wanted to paint this picture though:

1) I’d only really tried to paint leather once before which kind of worked so i decided to give it another go.

2) There are certain pics that are always at the top of our most viewed and they have words like ‘lesbian’ and ‘bondage’ in their title so i was just seeing if it is the pics themselves or the title.

3) Who doesn’t like to draw girls in bondage masks occasionally?



Title: Disguise our bondage as we will
Materials: Paint pen, acrylic, gold leaf, varnish and charcoal
Size: A4

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