Pale Delusions

Not much can be said about the phenomenon of Pale Delusions. In fact nothing at all has ever been said about the subject or at least any that i can find and that’s why it’s such a tricky subject to bring up. The lady in this picture has been diagnosed by Doctor Asmund Quayle a very highly decorated charlatan with actute pale delusions which he said would need an aggressive medication treatment if she is in for any hope at fixing this problem. I told Asmund this seemed a little drastic but he told me quite resolutely to keep my mouth shut and gave me the old adage’ Do as i say, not as i do’. So i murmmered ok and carried on drawing the lady in question for Asmund’s file, i’m not quite sure the point of all this was though as i didn’t think you kept paintings in doctors files. oh well!!



Title: Pale Delusions
Materials: Paint pen, acrylic, ink, charcoal, Tipp Ex, silver leaf and spray paint
Size: A2

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