Time for tea with id-iom

Although one half of id-iom doesn’t drink tea it doesn’t mean we both don’t know how to make a good cuppa. Here is our guide to making the perfect cup of tea:

1)Get necessary equipment – kettle, cup & saucer, tea bag, milk, spoon and sugar for all those who aren’t sweet enough

2)Boil kettle till it sings

3)Place tea bag in to cup which should already be placed on the saucer ( you don’t want to make a mess now)

4)Pour boiling water in to the cup and over the tea bag

5)Leave for a short while to let the tea brew

6)Remove tea bag

7)Add milk (and sugar if that’s what you need)

8)Allow to cool just a little while you slip into your birthday suit

9)Jump in and enjoy!



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