I’ll dance for snacks alright!

I’ve emphasised previously just how honed our womble-like instincts are these days and how we pretty much can’t say no to anything that we can possibly paint on or that could potentially be useful at some future point. To further elaborate this point we recently acquired a couple of doors that had definitely seen better days (and that are surprisingly heavy!)

After a little deliberation to decide what to get on them it was decided that the first one should be out of our door as soon as possible as it was really blocking the place up. Quite how it was decided to put a dancing bear on there i’m not entirely sure but these things are what they are. We seem to have had some had some influence from Banksy in the definition of the bear’s feet (i.e. they aren’t there) but thankfully i don’t feel that detracts from the overall message.

After carrying it a fairly short distance it was released into the wild and will probably be where it was deposited for a fair while as it definitely takes two to move these things. A prize to anyone who knows where this one is. Keep your eyes out for the next one sometime soon…




Title: I’ll dance for snacks alright

Media: Spraypaint, acrylic, ink and paint pen

Size: Found door – about 7-8 ft tall