My story starts with Music to my ears…

My story starts…

It’s Music to my ears

Boards in situ

Boards in situ

There I was enjoying my regular afternoon nap when the big red id-iomphone rings rousing me from my slumber. After staring at it quizically for a while and hoping it would just stop I finally came to the conclusion it wasn’t going to stop and the only thing for it was to answer it. It was the world of PR and they needed our help, stat! There was an important pitch coming up that needed securing and our assistance was required to provide some artwork that would help convince the client that this PR company was the one to work with. Sounds like a job for id-iom…

As seems to be the case with these things it needed done, like, yesterday so the first thing we needed was to come up with a couple of suitable designs. A minimum of back-and-forth had us two approved images so then it was onto the task of putting the images on two sets of boards each measuring 1.2m x 2.4m. Which is pretty big. So we eventually went for three A0 boards stuck together for each piece. A good few hours stencil cutting followed by a night out on Saturday led to a somewhat later than planned start on Sunday. Thankfully though the hard work had been done by then and we managed to get it all completed and then installed in the office on Monday morning. I’m not yet sure if they got they succeeded with their pitch but they liked the pieces so all is well. What’s next?