Roses are red, cardboard is brown, I’m rubbish at poems, so please don’t frown

At least id-iom loves you!





Down in the basement of the id-iom lab one of our R&D monkeys pointed out that it was Valentine’s Day today and that we should maybe do a little something to show how much we love everyone. Considering our last offering¬†for Valentine was a little downbeat we thought we’d have something a little more sentimental this year. After some feverish tinkering we came up with the highly original idea of using a cardboard rose with a little note from us to try and brighten up a few peoples day. I can’t imagine they’ll last very long as surely they make the perfect gift (‘ooh urban art’ how very on trend!) for someone too lazy/forgetful to get something nice for their significant other half. Get ’em while you can…