The Lady on the Door

The Lady on the Door

The Lady on the Door. I think it sounds like a Victorian ghost story which is probably quite fitting considering the pedigree of the house it’s in and the more sketchy style we’ve gone for with this piece. I could spin a sad tale of a misguided young lady who suffers the indignity of unrequited love and then in a spurned fury turns to the dark side of the Force in order to ensure the object of her affections ends up loving her. Then, in some contrived plot twist the whole thing would backfire on her and she would be forced to wander the site of her misdeeds as a disembodied wraith for the rest of eternity. Sadly though, that isn’t the truth (as far as i’m aware) but just gave me a fun excuse for a post and as Nick Ross used to say on Crimewatch ‘don’t have nightmares, do sleep well’.



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  1. October 2, 2012

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