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A word of advice thinking about you will blow your mind

Another day and another auction in the id-iom Yuletide Fundom demolition sale and all starting at 99p

Today we have three more stocking fillers for you from the depths of the studio which will hopefully brighten anyone’s Christmas spirit.

a word of advice

Firstly we have ‘A word of advice’ which features the text ‘it’s all just vandalism’ and what a truism that is. It’s A2 in size and consists of a stencil of the words its all just vandalism in watercolour with unique hand finishing including glitter which you can just see in the picture. Here is the Ebay Link 


Secondly we have ‘Thinking about you’ which shows a melancholy looking woman staring at a collection of cold blue hearts. It is winter after all!! The picture is 42 x 45 cm in size and is made using hand-cut stencils, spray paint, ink and marker pen. Here is the Ebay Link 


Finally we have ‘Blow your Mind’. It features a man crawling along the floor with his mind blown away in a psychedelic mess. It’s A3 in size and consists of a stencil with unique hand finishing including acrylic and watercolour. Here is the Ebay Link 

I hope that warms your cockles!!



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