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Last Christmas I gave you my heart. This year to save me from tears i’m putting it all on Ebay.

I’ve been dashing through the snow all day just to deliver some more pieces for the id-iom Yuletide Demolition sale and they’re all starting at the austerity busting price of just 99p.

Stumpy Quayle

This picture shows Manx freedom fighter ‘Stumpy Quayle’ in a victorious pose after winning the Manx annual hipster hunt. Not one to be easily troubled he’s ruff, rugged and always spoiling for a fight. It’s made using stencils and watercolour with the added touch of glitter on A2 paper. Signed on reverse. Here’s the Ebay link.

The internet made me do it

If you listen to the internet all day only bad things will happen. You have been warned! This little beauty has been created using the magic of stencils and spraypaint and it’s on A3 card. Signed on reverse. Here’s the Ebay link.

Here Be Dragons!

I was reading something about ancient maps and how they would put something along the lines of ‘Here be Dragons’ (or maybe something like ‘Here be lions’) on unknown or unexplored areas so thought i’d come up with something inspired by that. I think it’s about 13 colour using about 9 stencils on A3 paper. Aren’t i clever? Signed on reverse. Here’s the Ebay link.



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