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id-iom @ UPfest

It’s that time of year again when we pack our kit and take a roadtrip to Bristol for the annual paintstravaganza that is UPfest. I have also just had something of a morale boost as I’ve checked the weather and it’s looking lovely on both Saturday and Sunday – which is definitely good as we’ve given ourselves a fairly experimental design to go for which will require us to be working on both days – if we manage to get it all finished in time!

This is certainly a weekend to be looking foward to especially with good weather predicted and plenty of friends to catch up with. We’ll be painting at the Spotted Cow pub (a pub? like that’s a good idea!) – and hope to see you there…

Below are our efforts from previous years – and a little taster of what we are preparing for this year’s wall. In 2009 we were working by the river and came up with ‘Love is like a 9mm slug to the heart‘ and then last year we painted ‘No colour above plimsoll line‘.

We’ve also got an idea for a video to go with this one which, if  we manage to get all the footage we need to, should be top shelf all the way. Watch this space…



2011 preparation – Painting by numbers





2010 piece – No colour above plimsoll line

2009 piece – Love is like a 9mm slug to the heart

UPfest 2011 flyer

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I grew up dreaming of snow!

Like some overblown Hollywood epic this newest video has been a long time in the making (well, we originally did the piece in November last year so it’s been a fair while).

We were asked to take part in creating some work for the Freeze festival which is held annually in the shadow of Battersea power station. As it was a snowboarding/skiing themed event we thought we’d come up with a little something keeping in line with the general snow theme. After a little deliberation we settled upon the face of the girl with the legend ‘I grew up dreaming of snow!’ and after cutting some big stencils we headed down to get to work. Thankfully on the day the weather stayed nice despite big rain clouds looming for a while in the afternoon.

A big shout out to our fellow artists who it is always a pleasure to work alongside – Ian Phenna, SPQR and Asone (whose work you see fleetingly when the camera pans around towards the end of video).




Title: I grew up dreaming of snow!
Media: Spraypaint, masonry paint and paint pen
Size: 11 x 8 Feet
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Pretty up North – id-iom @ UpNorthFest

For the first graffiti road trip of the year we headed up to Southport for the weekend to do a little painting at UpNorthFest. As seems to happen with alarming regularity we only managed to come up with a design at pretty much the last minute. Our final design features a huge version of Hugo’s head with Southport pier reflected in his sunglasses and the text ‘Hey la, it ain’t ‘alf pretty up north’ in the background. Our lackadaisical approach to planning left precious little time to cut it and get ready but we somehow managed to get it all done in time for departure.

Once we were all set up and disco bag was happily pumping out some tunes we got down to the messy business of creating the background. After we’d let the paint dry properly (a lesson learned the hard way) it was time to get the lettering and face up. Thankfully the weather remained good all day – or else our piece wouldn’t have made all that much sense! But you can’t let things like that worry you in advance… The reflection of Southport pier in his glasses seemed to go down well with the locals and I just like any excuse to get the chrome out!

On top of all that we had the extra bonus of catching up with old friends in the sunshine so all in all it was well worth the effort. Hopefully there will be the same again next year!



Stage 1 – getting the background done

Stage 2 – text

Stage 3 – Final pic with model posing next to it (he even has the same hat on!)

Stage 4 – Final – (You can see what a nice day it was!)

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No Colour Above Plimsoll Line

Cats are definitely one of my favourite creatures. We currently have a cat that actually lives next door but spends about 90% of it’s time with us. We don’t feed it (well, a couple of bits of ham every now and then) but it still waits outside our door or sits mewing on the balcony until it’s let in. We even get a Christmas card from the people next door which is co-signed by the cat! You wouldn’t really put up with that if your dog was always going next door now would you? But cats can just get away with it.

Anyway, our newest print features a cat with some kind of rainbow-vision, a plimsoll line and a tiny version of us! It is actually a combination of two previous large scale pieces we had done. The first was our piece done at Upfest 2010 (featuring the ‘working’ CCTV camera in the top left) and the second was done on a friend’s wall. The prints also feature our little ‘id-iom’ stencil that has been applied on each print just like on the UPfest piece.



Title: No Colour Above Plimsoll Line

Media: Screenprint, spraypaint and hand cut stencils

Size: A3

£70 each

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Collaboration canvas now for sale

We have already featured the collaboration canvas (here) which we did in conjunction with 11 other artists – but it is now for sale (via UPfest) in a closed bid auction which finishes on 31st July. There is also a David Walker original which is being auctioned. For more details please go here.

The piece is 24″ x 24″ and all proceeds go the NACOA (National Association for Children of Alcoholics) so please get bidding!



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No colour above plimsoll line – UPfest 2010

We have just got back from UPfest 2010 in Bristol and had a great time again this year. The weather was better, there were more people and the beer was flowing.

We had been busy with other things in the run up so didn’t have as much time as we would have liked for preparation. Truth be told we had a sub-standard design ready on Wednesday and then decided we really needed to come up with something else that we were both happy with. After shooting down just about as many ideas as we could come up with and become trapped with decision paralysis we finally managed to come up with the bare bones of an idea late on Wednesday evening…

After doing a little research on Bristol we came up with the fact that the Samuell Plimsoll who invented the Plimsoll Mark (which was designed to show the limit to which a ship could be loaded) was from Bristol. Hey Presto! – an idea formed and we’d have a plimsoll line above which no colour would be applied to the wall. The rest would consist of the most colourful background we could come up with, a fake CCTV screwed to the wall (which moved and had a red flashing light but was the bane of my life on the day as it obviously had a loose connection and you had to keep fiddling with it to get it moving!) and a big stencil of a slightly imperious looking siamese cat. The finishing touch would be a stencil of a miniature version of us applying our name stencil to the piece. We started out pretty promptly around 11ish with discobag playing to keep us amused. It was definitely nice to catch up with people and put some new faces to names. The road had to be cleared by 7pm so we finished for about then. All in all a great day out. We then followed up with some drinking, chit-chat and general tomfoolery before heading to the after-party bar for a final few drinks. Perhaps predictably we were the last on the dancefloor…

Below are the in-progress shots and a picture of the final piece. It’s definitely best viewed large and if you want to do that they are on our flickr here

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Upfest 2010

We will be heading to Upfest a spray painting festival in Bristol to do some painting on the 5th and 6th of June. If you can make it down, do, as it is a good day out. There will artists, a secret wars battle, break dancers, beatboxers, dj’s and a load more stuff besides. Check the flyer below:

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We have just been accepted for this year’s UPfest so we thought what better way to celebrate that than by having a little stroll down memory lane and checking out last year’s piece. UPfest takes place in Bristol every June and we rocked up last year to the threat of rain and a spot down by the windtunnel that is known as the River Avon. Despite most people seeming to take spots in the last minute venue that had been sorted out (an abandoned garage) we had no choice but to soldier on in our designated spot due to the outlandish size of our stencils.

It didn’t rain all day but we did have to contend with a strong wind blowing down the river which would have more seriously hampered our efforts had we not had a little assistance with ensuring our stencils didn’t blow away. We had a great day and managed to make a few new friends. Hopefully there will be more of the same this year. For more (and larger) photo’s check here











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