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Staffy's seem to have gained something of a bad reputation but if you ever met Brooke then I'm sure you realised that was an ill gained notoriety. In fact just about all staffy's I've come across have been lovely pups but Brooke was perhaps the best envoy for a somewhat maligned breed.


I always remember the time I was sat outside the pub with Brooke just minding her own business beside me. Some big guy came walking along the street and Brooke went over towards them to say hello. Next thing I hear 'hey mate keep your dog away from me' in a voice somewhere between fear and anger. I had to laugh, not only because he was a big baby and Brooke only wanted to give him a sniff and, if he was lucky, to sit on his feet as she loved to do but also because Brooke certainly didn't belong to me. She only ever had eyes for her human mum. My cat doesn't like dogs and didn't make any exception for Brooke. But she probably should have done.


Anyway we did our best to make our little tribute as realistic looking to Brooke as we could achieve and I have to say it's a lot more difficult to make a piece look like a particular dog than I would have thought. But there you have it. We did our best. Sleep well princess.

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