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It is what it is

I had a dream that Killer Mike and El-P from Run the Jewels had gotten in touch and asked us to come up with some imagery for their new single 'It is what it is'. After playing a bit of it over our Zoom call Killer Mike asked if we were in. It sounded great and I mulled it over for about 2 seconds before agreeing.


I think I woke up at this point with their imaginary single quickly disappearing from my mind but my idea for the design being just about the only thing I could retain. Deciding that I may as well take on this imaginary commission I set to work to make it so. What you're left with is pretty much exactly what I had in mind. What this all means I'm not quite sure but there you have it. The Muse demanded a poster for an imaginary song and that's exactly what she got.


She's on A2 paper and was made using the magic of dreams, spray paint and stencils.

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