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Muhammad Ali 3 in 1

What do you get if you do one mural, tape half the wall up, do another mural on top and then remove the tape? Although this sounds like the start of a particularly poor joke it is in fact how the id-iom 3-in1 murals are created. We just love to give ourselves as much work as is possible. 


For our Muhammad Ali 3-in-1 mural we started with a pencil sketch of Ali that our dad did for friend back in the 1970s.  You turn that into a wall sized stencil then apply to your wall and create a red and white wallpaper style background (complete with hidden morse code message). At that point you tape up half the wall and get to work on mural 2. This one features a recoloured background in a vague approximation of the colours of the Islamic flag to denote his membership of the Nation of Islam in 1964 and his name change from Cassius Clay to Muhammad Ali. 


Once that's done it's time to give him a bit of colour on his face and you're done with mural 2. All that's left is to remove the tape to reveal frankenmural 3. Then it’s time to wonder if anyone has done this kind of thing before or if you’ve finally found your thing. Think about this for approximately five minutes before your attention is diverted by the next shiny idea to pass through your brain.

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