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None shall pass

For our second mural to show our support for the embattled people of Ukraine we thought it best to avoid portraiture (given that we weren't entirely happy with our likeness of President Zelensky) and so eventually settled on a grim but determined looking knight on horseback proudly bearing his shield featuring the Ukrainian colours and coat of arms. There’s even a couple of Russian arrows embedded in the shield. We toyed with using the text from the conversation between the Russian warship and the soldiers on Snake Island but eventually went with the stoic sounding ‘None shall pass’. And we’d better hope that’s the case…


The design is based upon a drawing our dad did many, many moons ago as part of a Valentine’s Day gift for our mum. I think he’d appreciate us repurposing it for this mural. On the original design he’s carrying a lance but that just wouldn’t really work with the proportions of the wall we have so that got substituted for a back mounted sword. I even went as far as to mock up a t shirt design but i’m probably getting ahead of myself.

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