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We are all crew

Well, that was a fun 3 days on the beautiful Osea Island working alongside the fantastic events company Elsewhere for the Acast Spacecamp 2022. Osea Island is a small island off the Essex coast that is only accessible for a few hours each day at low tide. Which is ace. From donkeys and peacocks to bicycles and blue skies Osea Island has it all. And it now even has a big id-iom mural to boot. Which we even got the pleasure of painting on one of the sunniest days of the year.


Given that the whole event was space themed we eventually went for a mural featuring an astronaut and the legend ‘There are no passengers on Spaceship Acast. We are all crew’ which is an adaptation of a quote from Canadian philosopher Marshall McLuhan. It even featured about 80 twinkling ‘stars’ that make up the universe in the background of the image. On top of that we also managed to paint up 200 laser engraved stars, 8 bins, a space bog sign, the biggest barbecue smoker in the UK and also conducted a graffiti workshop for 300 odd people. It was just a shame the alien spaceship bar we’d designed never got completed!

A busy few days to be sure…

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