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Mercury Rising

You may well ask what on earth is going on in today's creation. To be honest I'm not quite sure myself but I'll lay it out as plainly as possible...


I was out in North London (whilst such frippery was still allowed late last year) and went to see English Heritage property Kenwood House. Whilst there I took a picture of a statue of Mercury by John Cheere (which is a plaster copy of a Roman original held by the Uffizi museum in Florence if you're interested in that kind of thing). There the photo sat until a couple of days ago when the Muse decreed that I take that image and turn him into some kind of fleet footed giant South London softboi hanging out at his local pub waiting for some dodgy call or other to come in. Thus it is so.


Well, what more can I say other than I really rather enjoy doing these strange digital compositions. And the Chanel logo is a nice touch.

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