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In a nutshell 


Artist duo using spray paint, stencils, paper and pretty much anything else we can lay our hands on to make contemporary art with a street and pop edge. We paint walls, and stuff to hang on them too. 


Who are we? 


We are self taught brothers - Sholto and Hugo - originally from the Isle of Man, now living and working in London. We’ve always loved urban and comic book art and began in clothing and apparel, before moving onto murals, paintings and prints. 

What’s the deal? 


We are multi-media artists, constantly entertained by the world around us. We take ideas from pop culture, music, books and stuff that makes us laugh to create work that makes people smile. Our style combines spray and stencil or paint and paper with other techniques, including digital, lino cuts and photography. We will never stop experimenting. 


We believe everyone has a tale to tell, and as you can probably guess from our name, we love playing with language. So, you’ll find words and quotes mixing with portraits and people to create our distinctive visual style - all tied together with an imaginative little story for each piece.

Want to work with us? 

We are active, exhibiting and commercial artists. Click on our portfolio for some of our best work, or get in touch if you'd like to know more. Alternatively check out our CV below:

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