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My Dog Sighs 3 in 1

What do you get if you do one mural, tape half the wall up, do another mural on top and then remove the tape? Although this sounds like the start of a particularly poor joke it is in fact how the id-iom 3-in1 murals are created. We just love to give ourselves as much work as is possible. 


For our mural of street artist and all round good guy My Dog Sighs we used his signature styles combined with a portrait both with and without his filter mask on. Mural 1 features a black and white portrait combined with his Everyman style body and background. Lots of tape is applied to half the wall then we start mural 2 featuring another of his styles for the background and a colour portrait. Finally the filter mask is added and the tape removed to reveal frankenmural number 3. All pretty straightforward really...

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