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Paramedic 3-in-1 mural

This mural was never intended to be a 3-in-1 mural but there's only so long a cut stencil can sit around id-iom HQ before it's going to get sprayed. Today's piece was meant to be a collaboration between id-iom and another party but that never quite materialised. After sitting in stencil storage for a respectful period it was decided that if you want a job done properly it's often best to just do it yourself. So we set about giving our cheery specialist paramedic a bit of life.

So. It was done. Then the muse insisted otherwise. Back to the wall with copious amounts of masking tape it was then. Whilst taping a further plan began to slowly form involving contrast, negative imagery, hearts and a significant block of colour. What we were finally left with looks like some kind of psychedelic photographic negative of the original mural with a colour registration strip thrown in for good measure.


Then it's a simple matter of removing the tape to reveal frankenmural number 3. At least he looks happy enough with the whole thing...  

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