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People will stare

The phrase ‘People will stare, make it worth their while’ was apparently coined by American jeweller Harry Winston a.k.a The King of Diamonds so I’m pretty sure he had an ulterior motive for such an apparently innocuous phrase. i.e he wanted you to buy some diamonds so you’d look a bit snazzier. Not a lot of people know that however, so we are using it more as a phrase of empowerment where people will always stare, we’re curious beings after all, so you may as well give them something to look at and make a big impression. The lady in the mural has achieved this with some skilful makeup application, an oversized bunch of flowers and a huge id-iom designed Hill House logo. Job done.


Anyway, now we’ve got that out of the way, this was painted on the boarded side of a shipping container (so about 20ft x 8ft) on a day when the sun was shining from dawn to dusk in the gorgeous grounds of Hill House in Norfolk whilst a mini-festival of sorts was taking place around us. What a lovely reintroduction to outdoor mural painting. We’ve even got the tan lines to prove it.


Not only that but as night was falling we were given some lighting with which to illuminate our mural. Win all round. Once it’s been varnished it should hopefully last a while but only time will tell. Many thanks to Darren, Tara, Theo and the rest of the Elsewhere team for taking care of us so well...

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