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Size: A2

Materials: Stencils, spray paint and Dymo


Patricia here has just finished the final chapter in Isaac Asimov’s ‘Foundation’ series of science fiction books and she has the overwhelming urge to visit the civilisation described in the books. It’s a compelling urge she can do little about as it is, obviously, a fictional universe. This does not change her feelings on the subject however. Perhaps unsurprisingly the German language has the word ‘fernweh’ to describe this feeling. It roughly translates as ‘farsickness’ and could more easily be described as longing for somewhere you’ve never been. Poor Patricia, let’s hope she gets over it.


Fernweh is created on A2 paper using stencils, spray paint, Dymo and imagination. She’s looking for her forever home so drop us a line if that’s on your walls or she’ll be on our new website ( soon enough.





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