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Forged by the glitter of gold (1 or 4)

Forged by the glitter of gold (1 or 4)

I'm fascinated by gold. Not so much the wearing of it but the act of getting it out of the ground - and the lengths people will go to to do so. I guess that many fortunes, both rightfully and wrongfully, have been forged by the glitter of gold. The title actually comes from an early 20th century ragtime song which was found in a box of stuff that used to belong to my Grandma. It's just a shame I can't play the piano as I'd love to have a little rattle on the old joanna and give a rendition of ‘forged by the glitter of gold‘. You’d think it has to be good with a title like that…


‘Forged by the glitter of gold’ is an edition of 4 A2 pieces created using the magic of spray paint, gold leaf, paint pen, stencils and imagination.





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