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Hawkins & Badgers

Hawkins & Badgers

Size: A2

Materials: spray paint, acrylic, paint pen and charcoal


Here at id-iom we occasionally like to take an idea that probably shouldn’t see the light of day and let that idea thrive. Today’s piece ‘Hawkins & Badgers’ is born from one of those ideas.


A conversation in the local hostelry led to the best films that never were and somehow ‘Hawkins and Badgers’ became the best 80’s buddy cop movie (like Turner and Hooch but grittier and British) that never existed.


In it Nikolaj Coster-Waldau plays a disgruntled cop on secondment from the Hebrides who is partnered up with the Metropolitan Police’s newest recruits - two badgers from the wrong side of the sett who just so happen to be some of the most well connected animals in London. Together they have to solve the case of the missing Corgi. Hijinks abound. And it’s got a great soundtrack. Don’t say you wouldn’t watch it…


‘Hawkins and Badgers’ is on A2 paper and is made using the power of a warped imagination and whatever art materials we had to hand. If you like it then drop us a line or it’ll be on our website soon ( - link in bio) but I'll definitely agree it’s an odd one…





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