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Put some pep in your step

Put some pep in your step

Although Mary lived in 2022 she always preferred to believe she was lodged firmly in the 1950’s. She enjoyed looking after the children, house and husband. She derived much joy from cooking, cleaning, ironing and gardening;  all things that she could do from her small palace (or at least that’s what she liked to call it) in Norwich. That said, the thing she loved most was the military grade amphetamines she took every morning to put a bit of pep in her step. Now you might wonder where a Norwich housewife gets copious amounts of such things but unfortunately that’s none of your business. Keep your sticky beak out of Mary’s affairs.


This employs our new fadeaway stencil technique we showcased in our last piece of work and is on A4 paper. She’ll be on our new website (at - link in bio) in due course or feel free to drop us a line…





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