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Where the wild flowers grow... (Green/Blue/Yellow)

Where the wild flowers grow... (Green/Blue/Yellow)

Size: A2

Materials: Stencil, spray paint, gold leaf and watercolour.


Time catches up with us all. This old skull has been feeding the flowers for so long that it's difficult to know where the flowers end and the skull begins. The skull doesn't even remember it's name anymore; it's been there for so many years. But all is as it should be. The circle of life turns slowly but it does forever turn...

Perhaps weirdly this is all based on a canvas that had been in development hell for a couple of months until eventually we put up as it was and that somehow opened the floodgates so we created an enhanced batch on supersmooth A2 paper featuring a background colour blend, extra bonus flowers, some gold leaf and spiffy rounded edges. Let us know if you need one for your wall...



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