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With no obvious cause

With no obvious cause

Kimberly had no idea how it had all started. For the past couple of months dark clouds had been hanging over Kimberly. But these were cute little sentient rain clouds that followed her around looking stormy but adorable all day. They defied any rational explanation and at least their darling little raindrops didn’t actually get you wet nor did the lightning actually cause any more than an endearing miniature light show.

She’d gone through the initial phases of shock/disbelief, denial and finally acceptance but she didn’t really know what to do next in life. She’d had to quit work at the library because the thunderstorms were becoming such an appealing attraction that no reading was actually being done. There’d been job offers; weathergirl, presenter on Japanese TV and some pretty odd porn proposals but so far she’d turned them all down. Then her alarm went off and Kimberly was brought crashing back to reality at 07.15am in a grim and grey London on a Wednesday morning in early November. As the details of the dream slipped from her mind she briefly wondered ‘What the hell was that all about?’...




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