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The Curious Case of the Painted Sparrow

After our previous visit to Sclater Street the piece we completed lasted for a week before some razor sharp wit decided to modify it and add the word 'ANUS' nice and large over the middle of the piece. Nobody likes a large anus on their picture so we thought we'd do our best to replace it with something a little more fitting.


A little research led to the discovery that Sclater Street used to be famous for having a thriving bird market so our new piece would be a little nod to the streets' history. As we were painting it an old guy came round with his grandson and told me that he used to live nearby and the market was still there when he was a kid. He also informed me that they'd sell you a painted sparrow as soon as sell you an actual budgerigar or the like. I'm not sure if he was pulling my leg or not but I liked the idea.


Once we'd got the background sorted and the bird and hand up I had to get our little bit of sculptural graffiti put up and fix the '2 and sixpence' price tag right to the top of the wall. Which involved going right to the top of the ladder. Which is always a nervous moment on a blustery day. I gave it a good bit of duct tape as I didn't want to be going up again so hopefully it'll last a few weeks at least...

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