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The look of love - id-iom @ UPfest 2022 

Well, that was a fun weekend at UPfest! Despite an inauspicious start involving a lack of accommodation and a tendon severing washing up accident which effectively left the team a man down we still somehow managed to get the job done. Giving ourselves a complicated 3 in 1 mural was probably not the best idea but ‘best idea’ sometimes isn’t our forte.


Given we were short handed we thought it best to take our time and use both days to complete ‘Lovestruck’. Day 1 was mural 1. Three repeated heads with a white, greyscale and skin tone colour scheme and a colourful freestyle background. Day 2 started with the laborious task of applying tape to half the mural then repainting it entirely with red, yellow and blue hued faces and a new background. Mural 2 complete. Then comes the fun part and it’s time for the dramatic tape removal ceremony and for frankenmural 3 to be revealed. Hugo’s graceful rendition of this time honoured performance even garnered a spontaneous round of applause from the crowd of onlookers. I’d like to know if any other artists got a round of applause this weekend? Do we win UPfest?


Many thanks to Lindsay and her family for putting us up for the night and even cooking us a bacon sandwich in the morning. It was very much appreciated. As was the excitable Corgi puppy.

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